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The Unpopular Woman

The Unpopular Woman

They don't like her, she doesn't talk a lot
When they're busy gossiping, she would rather not

She never calls, she doesn't want to meet
Always silent, and she dances to her own beat

They call her cunning, they say she silently plots
They're wary around her, "This quiet one rots"

What goes on in her mind, they are baffled, they don't know
It gets darker, as they stalk her, the deeper they go

How sad for them, so many better things to do
She would rather be a loner, reading books old and new

She doesn't talk about people, talks to them instead
She is sad around those, who walk the path she dreads

If then they do not like her, she doesn't even care
Busy doing what she loves, she never notices them stare

This quiet one's brain, producing ideas at incredible speed
Not meant for small talk, unpopular but mysterious indeed!

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